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Three generations brought together

We’ve helped three generations of a family to find their perfect homes in neighbouring villages!

Keith and Enid Pratt are relocating from Herefordshire to our Carters Leaze development in Great Wolford to be nearer their daughter, Hayley.  And their grand-daughter, Millie, lives less than 10 minutes away at our Long Compton scheme, with their 3-year-old great-granddaughter, Savannah.

“It’s a big move for us,” says Enid.  “It’s very rural where we live now and it’s a bit lonely.  When we visited Mille we thought it was beautiful and we said we wished we lived in a house like that.

“My daughter, Hayley, had been worrying about my health and she wanted us to move closer to her.  I’ve had shingles for 18 months and been very ill and my husband had a fall.  Hayley looked for a house for us and when we got a call offering us one in Great Wolford, just a mile away from Hayley in Little Wolford, we said ‘yes’!

“You just get a feeling about a place and when we went to have a look inside the house we were astounded.  We love the village, the Cotswold stone house and the surroundings.  It’s perfect.

“My husband was born in Warwickshire and he knows the area very well and we have a lot of friends in Redditch.”

Enid and Keith used to take part in country and western re-enactments and still attend a lot of events and gatherings such as the Redditch Westerners’ Blue Rodeo Festival in Stratford.

“There’s so much around here to get involved with,” adds Enid.  “We’re really looking forward to our new home.  We’ll get to see our grand-daughter, Millie, a lot and she’s already asked us to help with her gardening!

“It just came out of the blue this move, but it’s like everything is coming together now.”