Finding a home to swap or transfer

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You have the right to change tenancies subject to a few simple rules.

Swaps and transfers

If you live in one of our properties, you can swap your home with another tenant from a housing association or local authority.

HomeSwapper is easy

HomeSwapper match tenants who want each other's homes.

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Get started using this simple 4 step process:

  1. Register online at HomeSwapper
  2. HomeSwapper automatically match you to any potential swaps.
  3. HomeSwapper then email or SMS text you with details of those matches.
  4. Use the received SMS information to find your home.

Once you have found a home you like

There are a few steps to follow before the exchange can happen:

  1. Make sure you are up to date on your rent. You can check your rent account online
  2. Arrange to view the other property, and for the other tenant to view yours.
  3. Arrange for us to inspect your property.
  4. Apply to us for permission to exchange by downloading our pdf application form.

If agreed, each tenant takes over the existing tenancy - this means you take on responsibility for any defects, repairs or renovations in your new home.

Reasons a mutual exchange will not be allowed

We will refuse permission if:

  • The exchange could lead to overcrowding or under-occupation
  • The property is designed for people with specific needs
  • The other landlord has not given consent
  • One of the applicants has a court order against them for breach of tenancy conditions
  • If you do not have a local connection to the village/parish

Transferring to another home

If your circumstances have changed, you can ask to be transferred to another property more suited to your needs. Contact us for details or complete our transfer application form.

An application can be rejected and some reasons for this may be:

  • Your rent account is in arrears
  • Your home is in poor condition - including decoration and garden