Our successes

All of our schemes are unique and aim to meet the needs of the rural community. Here are some examples of our good work within the County.

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“It has been quite stressful expecting a baby without knowing where we were going to be living. We’ve been buying things for the baby and trying to squeeze everything into mum and dad’s house. My Grandma mentioned that new homes were being built in the village. My family has been in the village for 40 years, so I was really hopeful that we would be eligible." Hannah, Long Itchington
“When we were offered a house in the village we were over the moon. Our children can walk to school and we’ve got a lot of friends here, so being able to bring our family up here means the world to us. " Nigel & Natalie, Fenny Compton
“Myhomeonline is easy access, user friendly, I mainly use it to check my rent account” Kelly
“I’d been receiving treatment for cancer and hearing we could move was a real thrill at the end of it. We’ve got family all around and we feel very settled. It’s really lovely." Mary & Stan, Stockton