The results are in...

At the end of September, we sent the Tenant Satisfaction Measures survey (TSM) to all our customers.

All households were invited to take part and 171 households (149 renters and 22 shared owners) completed the survey. Your answers have really helped us get a sense of what you think about our services.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Summary of results

Your overall satisfaction with our services was 83% for renters and 68% for shared owners. Although these are lower than we’d like, it's given us lots of useful information about where we need to focus our efforts.

The main areas of low satisfaction are:

  • Rented households
    • Gas contractor
    • Time to complete repairs
    • Communal areas
    • Our approach to complaints handling
    • Our approach to handling anti-social behaviour
    • That we listen to and act on your views
  • Shared ownership households
    • Gardening services / communal areas
    • Maintenance responsibilities
    • That we listen to and act on your views
    • Our approach to complaints handling

So what?

You may be asking "so what?" or "what happens now?"  To help us get to the heart of the issues we're developing an action plan, which we'll share in February. This may involve further, more detailed surveys or customer focus groups to really understand the issues and how we can improve.

Survey results

Summary of approach

  • How and when we carried out the survey

    Number of responses:

    • Rented: 490 surveys were sent and 149 responded (30.41%)
    • Shared Ownership: 102 surveys were sent and 22 responded (21.57%)

    Timing of survey:

    • Start: Tuesday 12 September 2023
    • Close: Sunday 1 October (3 weeks)

    Collection method:

    • Online survey via SurveyMonkey
      An individual SurveyMonkey link was emailed to all households that we have an email address for:
      • Rent: 135 surveys were completed via email
      • Shared owners: 21 surveys were completed via email
    • Printed copy sent to all addresses which we don’t have an email for. A free returns envelope was included:
      • Rent: 14 surveys were completed via a postal return
      • Shared owners: 1 survey was completed via a postal return

    Sample method:

    • Census approach (sent to all customers)

    Incentives offered:

    • Entry into a prize draw to win £100 shopping voucher (customers asked to opt-in)