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New Great Alne Bungalow Provides ‘Ideal Home’

Our new scheme in Great Alne has provided the ‘ideal home’ for retired couple, Andrew and Josie Warmington, who say they’ve settled in perfectly.

Both Andrew and Josie struggle with mobility issues and were keen to move from their three bedroom home in Studley to a bungalow not too far away.

“When the two bedroom bungalow in Great Alne came up, we couldn’t believe it,” says Andrew.  “It’s just a few miles down the road and is such a lovely and quiet village.

“Josephine lived in Great Alne until she was seven years old.  Her dad was a miller at Great Alne mill and they lived in one of the mill cottages.  Now we’ve found the perfect home here.

“The biggest help is having everything on one level and we’re impressed with the size of the rooms.  It means we’ve still got the space to have our grandkids for a sleepover, which is lovely.”

We completed seven affordable homes at the Salter’s Oak development last Summer, with a mix of two, three and four bedroom houses, plus two bungalows.  The scheme also includes open landscaped spaces and a wetland area, plus many indigenous trees and shrubs.

Andrew adds: “Now we can’t wait to get out in the garden when the weather improves and really enjoy our new garden as well as our new home!”