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WRHA provides evidence to Rural Economy Select Committee

Warwickshire Rural Housing Association is submitting evidence to the Select Committee on the Rural Economy to show the importance of affordable housing on the rural economy.

Working with our partners in the Rural Housing Alliance, we will be providing a joint response to the Select Committee’s request for information.

The House of Lords Select Committee was appointed in May to consider the rural economy and make recommendations.  It is now collating written evidence from individuals and organisations across the country with an interest and expertise in this area.  The aim is to learn more about successes and failures, opportunities and barriers, and to gain ideas for how the rural economy can function better.

A report will be produced which will have a wide-ranging impact on policy-makers, practitioners and the public, celebrating successes and challenging organisations to do better where necessary.

The Committee’s inquiry will cover areas of interest such as how the Government is performing on the rural economy; how essential services can be improved and maintained; and how rural businesses can be supported.

Richard Mugglestone, Company Secretary, said: “Affordable housing is vital in helping to sustain and enhance the rural economy.  If people can afford to continue living in our rural communities, then local businesses and services such as schools, shops and public transport, can thrive.

“We look forward to the Select Committee’s report and the impact it has.”