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Village pub hosts Coughton consultation

Warwickshire Rural Housing Association is inviting locals to drop in to the village pub in Coughton this Thursday!

The Throckmorton on Coughton Hill is hosting a consultation event on Thursday 19th April from 3-7pm when WRHA will be unveiling plans for its first affordable homes in the village.

A small development of five shared ownership properties is proposed adjacent to April Cottage on Coughton Lane.  Four houses and one bungalow are planned to meet the local needs which have been highlighted.

By using a modular form of construction, the new homes will be constructed in the most cost-effective and efficient way whilst ensuring they blend in with existing properties in Coughton.  All will only be offered to people with a local connection to the village.

Anyone interested in the new properties can call in and view the plans, discuss the development with representatives from the housing association and register their need for shared ownership homes.