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Safe, comfortable and supported in an affordable rural home

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Moving from a top floor flat, to a 2-bedroom house has made a massive difference to the lives of Kelly and her 9-year-old daughter.

Kelly has lived in the small Warwickshire town of Alcester all her life and, until recently, was living in a flat managed by another housing association. Unfortunately, due to the antisocial behaviour of her neighbours, she thought they may have to move away, as they couldn’t carry on living there, but couldn’t afford to rent privately in the town either.

She felt really stuck. She really didn’t want to move away, as her parents live in the town, and she loves her job at the local school. But her quality of life and wellbeing was being badly affected. She didn’t feel safe to let her daughter play outside and couldn’t even leave her car outside her own home.

But that’s all changed now they are in their new home. The feel safe, comfortable and supported in their lovely house, which has a private garden and a driveway.

Kelly told us: “Getting this house was the best news ever. It’s got a lot more space, a garden, nice neighbours – and the rent is cheaper too!

“I don’t know what we would have done if this house hadn’t become available. It’s made me realise how important affordable homes are, especially in rural areas.

“I feel like a weight has come off my shoulders. My daughter is sleeping better than ever, enjoying her trampoline in the garden and can now invite friends round.

“Our housing officer, Kayleigh, is lovely. She kept me informed throughout the process and made it all very easy.”