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To round off Rural Housing Week, we are joining housing associations from across England at the launch of the National Housing Federation’s Five Star Plan for rural housing.

The plan is being launched at the NHF’s London conference which will focus on what rural housing associations can do to increase the supply of homes in rural communities.

Policy makers, experts and leaders from the rural housing sector are being brought together at the conference to explore how the Five Star Plan demonstrates the ambition of housing associations to contribute to a living, working countryside.

The Plan states that housing associations will:

·         work with and for rural communities

·         increase the level of affordable housing supply in rural communities

·         bid for HCA investment to deliver new homes

·         ensure homes benefit the local economy

·         provide homes which meet the needs of rural communities

Company Secretary, Craig Felts, said: “We have already pledged our support for the Rural Housing Five Star Plan which is making sure rural communities receive investment in rural affordable homes.

“WRHA is committed to building homes and communities for all.  Whether someone is taking a first step on the ladder of home ownership, looking for a home to start a family, or wants a place to grow old, our aim is to meet local housing needs by bringing affordable developments to Warwickshire’s rural villages.”

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