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Keep Affordable Housing Top of the Agenda

We’re proud to be supporting the National Housing Federation’s week of action to ensure that affordable housing is put at the top of the political agenda.

The need for affordable rural housing in Warwickshire has never been more critical.  With rural house prices and private rents soaring, local people are being forced to leave the villages they’ve been brought up in, threatening the future sustainability of our rural communities

Affordable homes are vital for the survival of rural services, such as village shops, Post Offices and community centres, which provide a lifeline for local people.

We’re committed to contributing to the sustainability of our communities for the future by working with councils and communities to provide affordable rural housing where it is most needed.

“We can’t afford to let housing fall off the agenda,” says WRHA Company Secretary, Craig Felts.  “At the last election we helped make housing a top five issue and it’s vital that we make sure housing remains a priority following the General election”

“Over the years, our role has become much more about helping to create sustainable communities, not simply building with bricks and mortar.  We remain committed to making both an economic and social difference to local communities and we’re looking for the support of local MPs to enable us to do even more.”