It’s Rural Housing Week

It’s Rural Housing Week 2019 and Warwickshire Rural Housing Association is pleased to be supporting this national event with a week of celebration.

This year the theme is ‘Building for Rural Communities’ and this is what we are passionate about!

We’re currently celebrating 30 years of providing local affordable homes specifically for local people, and making a big difference to rural communities across Warwickshire.

During the Week we’ll be joining housing associations across the country in highlighting how rural developments offer a lifeline to local people and showing that housing is vital for the survival of rural communities and services.

As well as hosting an event at our first homes in a brand new borough, we’ll also be giving partners a sneak preview of our latest development in Great Alne before it’s completed.

WRHA is continuously looking to work with councils and rural communities in new areas of Warwickshire where there is a shortage of affordable homes.  To find out more, contact us on 0300 123 4009.