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It’s all about community and gardens at Linfoot Oaks

Image of garden at Linfoot Oaks

It’s been a strange, but wonderful year for Anita and David Osgood, who moved into Linfoot Close in Great Alne on 31st August 2019.

Anita, who has always dreamed of retiring to the countryside, couldn’t be happier with their new bungalow and the lovely community which they are now part of.

Anita and David initially moved to Great Alne four years ago, living in a property on the main road. Living with a long-term lung condition, they were very conscious of the impact of the traffic pollution from the busy road.

When the opportunity came up to apply for the WRHA bungalows on Linfoot Oaks, they immediately applied. Before they had even been accepted, they started to regularly walk to the development to watch the progress. So, when they got a yes, they were delighted.

Staying in Great Alne means they are close to their two daughters who live in neighbouring villages and can continue to provide much needed support.

Their new bungalow has lived up to expectations, with spacious rooms, views over the countryside and peace and quiet (except for the tractors at harvesting time!).

It’s been a challenging year with the effects of coronavirus, but The Osgood’s have used the time to transform their garden into a relaxing haven.

Going into lockdown, with their still very new neighbours, has shown them the importance of pulling together as a community. The 17 houses, which are a mix of retired and young couples and families, checked on each other every day and arranged socially distanced activities, such as a VE day bbq, to help keep spirits up.

When we caught up with Anita recently, she told us how much living in Linfoot Oaks means to them:

“It was my dream to live in the country, and I couldn’t think of a better place to live. I just love everything about it.”