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Donating to community life in Stockton

stockton playing fields bench

Warwickshire Rural Housing Association resident Hollie Jones, whose family have lived in Stockton all their life, has set out on a mission to make improvements to regenerate Stockton Playing Field through her role as chairperson of the Stockton Playing Field Committee.

The equipment at the playing field hasn't been improved for over 30 years and has been poorly maintained and become disused. The playing field was once the heartbeat of the village where children would play and social events such as the village carnival would take place. Hollie, along with a small group of committee members, want to bring that heartbeat back and provide a recreational space for the whole community.

When Hollie’s mum, Karen Jones, who is also a WRHA resident, contacted us to ask if we could donate to the committee, we immediately said yes. We have X homes in the village and know that the plans Hollie and the committee have will benefit everyone of those households.

The committee was formed in 2021 and over the past three years they've raised a massive £50,000 by applying for various community grants and organising fundraising events such as their annual Easter Egg trail. All of which have already helped revitalise the area into a safe place for the entire village community to enjoy.

They've created a fantastic perimeter path around the field, which is enjoyed by children on their bikes and scooters and is perfect for people out for a walk or run – it’s even easy to push a pushchair on! They have also installed new colourful picnic benches and created a multi-use games area with basketball hoops and goals. There really is something for everyone.

Hollie, who has two young children explained why the money raised means so much to the village:

“We're so grateful for the £800 donation from Warwickshire Rural Housing. This, and all the donations and grants we've received, are already making a huge difference to the village. The playing field is now a place that my and other children, now love to go.

“We'll use this donation towards the second phase of our plans, which will include replacing the actual play equipment. We really are committed to getting our project completed. The support from our local community has been amazing and we owe it to them to get a park they are all proud of.”

WRHA will be contributing £800, made up of £550 community donation from EEM (a not-for-profit procurement consortium) to spend on a project that benefits a community, and £250 from WRHA.

You can find out more about the amazing work the Stockton Playing Field Committee are doing on their Facebook page.

Published 27.03.24