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Customer Service Week

It's half way through Customer Service Week and we are proud to be active during this week, following the theme set by the Institute of Customer Service:-

Monday – Insight: Knowing your customer and how to deliver to them

  • We have shared some important statistics about our customers - the average age; the most common times they contact us; how many of our residents work etc. so we can look at tailoring our services

Tuesday – Capability & Skills: Identifying and nurturing customer service skills in your organisation

  • We have shared ideas on good customer service skills; how we can change our feedback services; and if money was no object what would we do on our schemes

Wednesday – Recognition: Celebrate your customer service heroes

  • Staff are nominating customer service heros and the reason for their nomination

Thursday – Leadership: Championing customer service in the boardroom

  • Staff are posting examples of good customer service they have delivered or received so we can share this with our Board.

Friday – Trust: Building brand reputation and trust by delivering on promises

  • Staff will be dressing in branded clothes and post what they like about the brand and if they have brand loyalty